The Busy Elf

Sparky Elf here –  Santa’s assistant. Santa’s busy elf at your service!

It’s been a very busy time for all elves here at Santa’s Workshop. We are all getting ready for Christmas. Santa has been checking his lists of boys and girls. Mrs. Claus has been cooking and baking yummy treats for all of us to keep us happy and energized.

Of course, the rest of the elves have been making, building, collecting, measuring and inventing in the Workshop. Oh yeah… sometimes we break into a song as we work! We do love to work and sing…. and to play some tricks when we can! Even though we are so busy, we always keep the merriment in the work place.

As for me, the busy elf that I am, make sure that all the elves’ needs and supplies are available. I also make sure that I coordinate with Santa the route we are going to take for the delivery of presents. I also have been assisting Santa in adding some new things for The Santa Video.  I also check on the reindeer and see if they get the exercise they need and the nutrients to be healthy.


I love what I do! I never get tired…well just a bit sometimes, but I don’t mind. The excitement of preparing for Christmas is such a great feeling! And as the night before Christmas arrive, so much energy and love is felt all around for the delivery of presents. It is a joy to be able to make a wish come true for every child.

And one wish that every child would really want is to see Santa dropping off their presents. This wish becomes possible through the coordination with Yes! A video of Santa being in one’s home is possible and can be viewed by children. This would be such a great surprise to show on Christmas morning.

So, off I go again, after I snack on a cookie Mrs. Claus made. I need to get more Christmas wrappings, ribbons and food for the reindeer.

See you soon!

- Sparky Elf

Five Things You Might Not Know About Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas season is quickly inching near us. The night breeze is slowly turning cold, yuletide carols playing on the radio, shopping centres becoming more crowded each day and yes, that famous Coca Cola commercial featuring Santa Claus will be traipsing on your telly in no time. And yet there are still so many things to know about Santa.

Feels like there’s no stopping Christmas celebration, isn’t it?

How about stopping Santa Claus?

Ooops…that means we need to have super magical powers like his to do that. Embracing him seems a lot easier to do, so we sat down with Santa and after a short tête-à-tête, here is what we gathered.

If you were one of those few lucky children who caught a glimpse of Mommy kissing Santa Claus last year, you might even get luckier today as we bring you five interesting facts you might not have heard of about that sneaky merry old man who barged into your homes last Christmas.

  1. Santa Claus would easily pass the Mensa International.  In fact, his ability was way beyond what any organizations could comprehend. Benjamin Britten’s Cantata about Santa stated that the happy elf was able to speak the moment he came out from the womb of his mother. His first phrase was “God be glorified.”
  2. Despite numerous creepy legends circulating about Santa Claus, our man was indeed an advocate against prostitution and cannibalism. His selfless heart and pure intention to always rescue the needy were all evident in his history.
  3. In, 2008, Santa Claus was declared and granted a Canadian citizenship by Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration office. This explains the millions of letters addressed to Santa that the said country receives every year. To further solidify the claims, Guinness Book of World Records had shown proof that in 2006, Canada received a whopping 1.6 million wishful letters from people all over the world.
  4. “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose…” Did you ever wonder why the equally-popular character staged a uniquely interesting nose? Science has it that Rudolph, because of his undying dedication to his job, had caught a parasitic infection due to an all-night icy temperature while distributing presents around the globe.
  5. Did you once stare into the night sky and ask yourself how Santa Claus managed to deliver all those gifts in that very limited amount of time? While other studies claim that he needed only approximately 31-34 hours to perform his duty to the nice girls and boys worldwide, according to the people behind the North Pole Lab workshop, Santa uses relativity clouds which perceive time and space in a very unique manner, almost like there is some magical intervention involved. This process allowed Santa to have a controlled space-time where months are equivalent to only a couple of minutes in our own time. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

From sharing fun facts to defying scientific impossibility, Santa Claus will prove to us every year that his spirit is here to stay as he brings more colour and meaning to the yuletide season.

Indeed, Santa Claus is coming!

Wait Santa skeptics, are those sweet cherubic smiles painted on your faces?

Santa Claus is Back!

Yes! Santa Claus is back to get things going in the North Pole. He made an inventory of the things needed at the Workshop (of course, he needed my help and expertise with it). 

We are actually all so excited to get things ready for the coming months. Santa and Mrs. Claus had their well deserved vacation. The elves, reindeer and the machinery had their needed rest and vacation as well. Everyone has so much energy fixing, rearranging, organizing, listing, cleaning and managing things now. We are all looking forward to an exciting Christmas preparation.

Christmas Countdown – Santa Claus is Back

There are just 5 more months before the Christmas Season. We need all the help and teamwork to give the best this Christmas. We are now starting the Christmas Countdown. It’s never too early to prepare for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So, let the preparation begin! SANTA CLAUS IS BACK!

- Sparky Elf

(And I’m just so happy to be back and get the Christmas supply ready!)


If Santa Claus is Father Christmas then Mrs. Claus is Mother Christmas.

Mrs. Claus is the strength behind Santa Claus. So the saying, “Behind every successful man,  There is a wise and strong woman who supports him” has distinct truth in it.

As Santa oversees the workshop, Mrs. Claus oversees the household and welfare of each and everyone in the workshop and North Pole. She makes sure the elves, reindeer, and Santa are healthy and fed well so that they have the energy to meet their deadlines for Christmas. This is an equally big responsibility for her just as making sure all the Christmas presents are delivered by Santa.

This Mother’s Day, it is only proper that we also pay tribute to Mother Christmas, a wonderful woman who makes it possible for our Christmas Season be full of warmth and cheer as she helps Santa.

Cheers to all the Mothers for their love, hard work, dedication and multitasking skills!

Happy Mother’s Day!

- Sparky Elf (and all of the Elves and Reindeer)


CHRISTMAS DELIVERY: Mission Accomplished

All through the night, Santa Claus went about his Christmas Delivery all over the world. With his reindeers, sleigh, and elves, they visited one home to another. Bringing cheer and making wishes come true. It was an exciting night with a fulfilling task that needed to be done before Christmas morning.

Children tucked in their beds, hoping to get a glimpse of Santa dropping of their presents, or eating the cookies they have prepared. Ho! Ho! Ho! They just missed Santa by a few seconds or did they just hear him in their dreams.

All throughout the year, Santa and his elves prepared for this very day – The Night Before Christmas - from checking his nice or naughty lists, to making toys, to finding the perfect materials, to sending Sparky Elf to different stores and places, to packing the presents, to exercising the reindeers, to having meetings with the elves, to eating what Mrs. Claus prepared, to putting on his red suit, to getting on the sleigh, and to finally delivering the presents to every child in the world.

Job well done at the Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole!

However, you do know the secret that we have… was able to make dreams come true and capture the magic of Santa Claus in a personalized video message in one’s home.

Mission was definitely accomplished this year! Christmas Delivery made to each and everyone!

You just made Santa very happy this Christmas!

Thank you for believing!

Thank you for sharing and thank you for making it a Magical Christmas to All!

Happy Holidays!

- Sparky Elf


Holiday Greeting

How should I greet so many talented souls, so many gifted minds this Holiday Season. With all the beautiful and wonderful messages sent, it is possible that what I say or send be common or trite.

We celebrate the Season not because it is filled with Holidays. We celebrate because of the Birth of our Savior, our Redeemer who had to become Man and be born in a lowly manger.

So, instead of greeting each other a Merry Christmas, please allow me, and the whole of Mankind to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR JESUS. We are grateful for Your Grace.



We know you are all excited for Christmas and here it is!

So from Family to your family…


Join us in celebrating Christmas as you listen to one of our favorite Christmas Songs “Here Comes Santa Claus” by Gene Autry

Just click the link below:

> > >   Here Comes Santa Claus ~ Gene Autry  < < <

Christmas Time

As Christmas draws near,

We wish your homes be filled with cheer!

Jesus is the reason,

Of our Christmas season.

May we remember to share,

Hopes, dreams and care.

As children await Christmas Eve,

Hoping that Santa wouldn’t just leave.

Wishing to be a sight to see,

As Santa delivers presents under the tree.

With merriment,

Families prepare with great excitement.

Food, drinks and presents for all,

Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.

It’s the thought that truly counts,

Though kids make sure they didn’t miscount.

It’s the time to be together,

And to wish the coming year to be a lot better.

May this Christmas Time be full of love,

Just as was given to us from Above. 

Wishing you all the best,

And may each and everyone of you be blessed!


Capturing the Magic of Santa this Christmas.
Surprising your kids with a Personalized Santa Video Message.


Christmas, through the years, thousands of stories have been said and hundreds of movies have been made to make sure that the Story of Santa Claus lives on to this very day.

There are just a few more days ’til Christmas. Many families have come together to spend the holidays in their homes. There are also some, though separated with their families and friends keep the spirit of Christmas in their hearts, remembering the days of togetherness.

During Christmas we share, we give, and we celebrate. Most importantly, it is a season of great joy as we remember this time when The Child Jesus was born in a manger. Showing us the great love of God, as He sent His Son to be born. This is the time we invite love in our hearts. Love for family, love for friends, love for others and love for those in need.

And Santa, has been through the years sharing to one and all, spreading love to whoever would like to receive it. Together, Santa and Jesus make Christmases meaningful, joyful and memorable. 

Let’s make this Christmas a Special One!

Merry Christmas!




Hello one and all!  I’m so excited… It’s almost Christmas!

I have been extremely busy these past few weeks. You can probably soon call me “The Flash Elf” with all the last minute things I have been doing.

But the GOOD NEWS is . . . The Santa Workshop is all ready to delivery soon! Just a few more presents to go which are making its way because of the amazing kids getting in Santa’s “Good List”. Santa is just so delighted and proud of all the children! He is so excited to hop on his sleigh and ride with the reindeers to your homes. The reindeers are all groomed and exercised for the much awaited long journey around the world. The elves are on “hyper mode”  in making the presents perfect. And of course, Mrs. Claus keeps us all nourished with great food including cookies and milk!

Christmas is going to be fantastic! And if you can catch Santa Claus in your homes… then you’re very lucky! But… no need to worry at all if you missed him in person.  is at your service to make the Christmas magic come true and make more surprises for your children.

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Make this Christmas more memorable for the family as you see the delighted faces of your kids when they watch the Video Message of Santa!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! See you in a few days!


- Sparky Elf