Christmas, through the years, thousands of stories have been said and hundreds of movies have been made to make sure that the Story of Santa Claus lives on to this very day.

There are just a few more days ’til Christmas. Many families have come together to spend the holidays in their homes. There are also some, though separated with their families and friends keep the spirit of Christmas in their hearts, remembering the days of togetherness.

During Christmas we share, we give, and we celebrate. Most importantly, it is a season of great joy as we remember this time when The Child Jesus was born in a manger. Showing us the great love of God, as He sent His Son to be born. This is the time we invite love in our hearts. Love for family, love for friends, love for others and love for those in need.

And Santa, has been through the years sharing to one and all, spreading love to whoever would like to receive it. Together, Santa and Jesus make Christmases meaningful, joyful and memorable. 

Let’s make this Christmas a Special One!

Merry Christmas!


- TheSantaVideo.com


Hello one and all!  I’m so excited… It’s almost Christmas!

I have been extremely busy these past few weeks. You can probably soon call me “The Flash Elf” with all the last minute things I have been doing.

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Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! See you in a few days!


- Sparky Elf



TheSantaVideo.com is extremely filled with great joy to its thousands of followers. Thank you for believing in the magic that we bring during Christmas – and that is to be able to bring Santa in your homes and to keep a record of his visit.

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Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels here on Earth have definitely opened the heavens with their wonderful rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High” performed beautifully and artistically by The Piano Guys.

TheSantaVideo.com would like to present to you one of the most loved Christmas song that has always been part of the Holiday Genre. May it bring you the warmth and cheerful sentiments this Christmas. We hope you enjoy this video!


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Have you ever heard of the story – Miracle on 34th Street?

If you have, you know that it is a perennial Christmas favorite that presents the existence and belief in Santa Claus.

I grew up with this story being told to me and have seen the film countless times. The classic film, Miracle on 34th Street, was able to express the conflict that exist in our society that is being asked all the time and most especially during Christmas – “Is Santa real?” 

The question looms in the air for it is rare to see Santa dropping off presents, eating milk and cookies and seen in the crowd. Through this film, Santa did become part of the crowd but he was put on trial because of his identity as Santa Claus. Many doubted and many believed. But the real saviors of Santa in this film were the children, represented by one girl named Susan who at first did not believe in Santa but as she became close to the jolly old man Santa, she realized that HE is the REAL SANTA. With the faith, trust and hope she placed into Santa he was proven to be the real Santa.

However, it wasn’t simple as that. The true magic that played into believing, trusting and realizing is the MIRACLE that lives in our hearts. To quote what the film portrays, “They say that seeing is believing but the truth is the world is held together by things you can’t see.” So even if you can’t see but truly believe in your heart then faith and hope allow miracles to happen. It allows the world to exist and for dreams to come true.

Santa lives in all our hearts – he is a miracle given to us as well. Just as when Christ was born to save us. Santa’s role for Christmas is to also give joy, love, hope and cheer to everyone by being able to share and make wishes come true.

The message is.. there is always something to BELIEVE IN because miracles do happen no matter how big or how small it is. Believe in the happiness that we can give each other even with a simple smile. Believe in the goodness of others that they can contribute to the betterment of society. Believe in the generosity that we can share with those who are in need. Believe in the dreams that we are capable to making into a reality. Believe in the love that is very much felt during Christmas as families and friends get together. Believe in yourself that you can be a miracle for someone else.

TheSantaVideo.com believes that we can make children happy by capturing the magic of Christmas in making dreams come true. We believe. And we believe that you DO BELIEVE in what we do. So thank you for the trust that you have given us. Miracles really do live in our hearts.

Let us make this Christmas Season truly a happy memorable season for all!

Merry Christmas!






Oh yes! Christmas is all around… it’s in the air, in the stores, in the oven, in the songs, and in our homes. ALL GO FOR CHRISTMAS!

Even Santa is ready. He’s just waiting for a few more “good kids” making their way in the “good list”. Exciting times we have now that Christmas is sooo near!

Let us all enjoy this wonderful song by Perry Como… A classic that will surely melt our hearts. Just click the link below…

> > >  ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ by Perry Como  < < <

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We are all so frantic but excited here in Santa’s Workshop!

There are only 15 Days to Go until CHRISTMAS!

We hope that you have been GOOD and NICE to everyone! Santa’s presents for the children are all ready!

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Just 15 days to go!

- Sparky Elf

Christmas is Coming in 20 Days!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

There are 20 days to go until Christmas! Just a few more gifts and we are done!

Santa’s Workshop has been working non-stop to make sure we get all the presents ready for delivery by Christmas Eve. We will be visiting your homes soon… so get my milk and cookies ready!

Oh! And remember that if you want to see a glimpse of me dropping off your presents and visiting your homes… my elves and I can help you with that. You know it’s a bit hard when I need to rush from one house to the next, so maybe if you see a video of me, then there is no need to doubt if I am real.

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- Santa



Christmas is definitely fast approaching. The Christmas Spirit is finally in the air. All the bustles and buzzes are going around preparing for the Holiday Season.

However, there is definitely one mystery that every child and even adult would like to prove: – - - the existence of Santa Claus.

There have been some who were very fortunate to at least have a glimpse of Santa in their homes as he drops off presents, eats the cookies prepared for him or even grants wishes. However, the jolly old man in the red suit is just too fast to be seen inside one’s home. His elusiveness proves to be a challenge for all of us wishing to get a glimpse of him.

The good news is, there are ways to prove that Santa Claus is real even if you don’t get to see him.

Here are some tips on finding out if Santa visited your home:

1. Eaten milk and cookies

We all know these are Santa’s favorites as he goes from one home to another. Milk and cookies give him the energy for the whole night of delivering presents. It’s a joy for him to receive them as he know they were carefully and loving prepared by the kids

2. Footprints from powder dust on the floor

This trick is just so simple and ingenious to find out if Santa came by. Santa wouldn’t even notice the powder dust on the floor since he will be too busy placing presents under the Christmas tree or in the Christmas stocking. Big footprints for the big jolly old man and smaller footprints for his elf.

3. Stay up and listen for sounds of sleigh bells and footsteps

This has always been one of the ways to catch Santa in action. However, since the time of arrival of Santa in unknown, falling asleep in unavoidable. Still as I have said, some have been lucky to stay up and hear the sounds of Christmas. This can be done with parents keeping up with their kids’ stake out on Santa.

4. Sounds coming from the baby monitor

Another way to listen to Santa’s arrival is by placing a baby monitor next to the Christmas tree, the fire place or on a table where the presents will be dropped off. Being in the comfort of your beds, the opportunity to listen to what’s happening by the tree will be very convenient. It will definitely alert you if someone’s in your home, let’s hope it’s Santa and his elf!

5. Capture Santa on Video 

The most exciting way of proving Santa Claus is Real is if you get to capture a video of Santa in your home. The kids will be thrilled to finally see Santa even through a video. It’s the best proof that there is. So set up a video or you can visit TheSantaVideo.com to help you set up the video.

As you see, Santa is not really hiding from anyone. It’s just the rush of getting all presents delivered to every child’s home becomes a challenging task that he needs to be out quick. These few tips to prove that Santa is real just makes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day more exciting for the whole family. Let’s spread the love and cheer of the Holiday Season! And of course, prove that Santa Claus is for real! All the luck to us!